Laser Tag in Chicago

If laser tag is becoming a popular interactive game around the world, do you think laser tag in Chicago would be behind the race? Well, laser tag in Chicago is the virtual gaming world of your dreams.

Laser Tag in Chicago

The Arena

The family entertainment center (FEC) welcomes people of all ages with its unique attractions like Themed Miniature Golf, Mechanical Bull riding for children and even adults; High tech laser Tag etc. You will even find Redemption prize games which double the fun by making you put your money in and enjoying while reaping rewards at the end. For children below 7 (or 10 in some places), who are not allowed to go into the dark rooms of laser tag in Chicago, the arenas will have bouncers and jumpers, electric train rides etc. For new moms, who want to enjoy 'targeting' their better half, the toddlers can easily have a safe time in the toddler section.

The Game of Laser Tag in Chicago

Some excellent arenas for laser tag in Chicago give you a theme. You get a codename with a deal at hand. You then gear up wearing your vest and the gun in hands to go around targeting your enemies. The sensors attached to your vest save the information whenever you get targeted and hit. Arenas are usually multi-level, covered in black with very dim lighting if any. You will get sniper points and there will be mirrors to bounce off your laser beams. Besides that the customary wall and barrel set up will be there for you to hide and take aim from behind. Additionally, a ramp is there for quick acting commandos to go up and target the poor ones below. This however, increases your chance of getting hit so do it only if you are sure of your aim and reflexes.

The Deal

The laser tag in Chicago private rooms will cost a little high but you would be very comfortable knowing that only familiar faces are around. The prices in good arenas maybe a little bit high, but you can go for less intense games like Iron Man which takes double the time, but comes at 12 dollars. 2 Normals (rounds) cost $16-20. Also look out for deals like summer package, Christmas, Independence Day discounts etc. where you will get price off or combos like $18-19 for 3 matches. The games are pretty exhausting so it's certain you will not last more than 3 matches.

Additional Facilities

When you are having a party, you wouldn't like to take the whole group to the laser tag in Chicago first and then some dine-out place. Laser tag in Chicago solves the problem for you. The private party rooms have all the indications of a party atmosphere after you have enjoyed your game. You can have cakes and Pizzas to celebrate birthdays and events. If you feel like entertaining your teenage friends with light snacks between their games you can go for nachos, churros, soft pretzels, or hot dogs. Choose drinks from soft drinks, slush, and energy drinks. You may have to order a lot during the game as well. Rest assured the laser tag in Chicago experience will be wholesome for all your guests.